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app. You Bitches.


Name: Bill Martin
Age: 14  (15 in 26 days from now...i'll be expecting presents)
Where are you coming from?: New Jersey

What kind of music do you listen to?: rock, emo, hxc, and MOSTLY screamo
List your favorite artists here: alexisonfire, ateryu, fata, thursday, a static lullaby, thrice, silverstein, my chemical romance, dashboard confessional (old stuff), bleed the dream, the bled, bleeding through (lol, lots of blood going on), senses fail, taking back sunday, the list can go on, and on...
Favorite foods: umm....chinese food...in fact, i had sesame chicken this afternoon!
Favorite movies: office space, caddy shack, jay and silent bob, not another teen movie, kingpin, gladiator, airheads, cheaters

If you won the lottery, what would you do with all the money?: buy erinie ball, stingray and mark hoppus signature basses, i would take a trip to las vegas and gamble and with the rest of the money, i would probably invest it in stock or something
What's your greatest memory?: hmmm...meeting edenrose!!! (god, i'm suck a suck up...i guess that's why i get A's in school)
And your worst?: having my friend accidently pour his drink on my crotch during school and making it look like i pissed my pants for the rest of the day. *hangs head in shame*
If you could be the opposite sex for one day, what's the first thing you would do?: torture guys and make them think i'm going to have sex with them...but i'm not.
Do you love Rosie and Kelsey, your mods?: ...are you joking? of course i do!

President Bush: ah god. i know edenrose is gonna hate me for my answer....um, i support him. i think what he's doing is what should be done and, as for the election, i think he should finish what he started.
Trends: some are good and some are bad, but be who you are. don't fall into labels. be yourself.
Drugs: drugs are bad, mkay?
Suicide: something that everyone thinks about at least one time in their life. as terrible as it sounds, sometimes, it's the only option.
War: war's a terrible thing, but if it needs to be done, it needs to be done. and personally, if i were called to war, i would fight for america and the future of america -- the children.

Finishing Touches
Why do you think we should let you join this community?: because edenrose told me that i was really rad a while back.
Promote this community, prove it with a link: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v99/xdcdeceptionsx/join.gif  ....i'm hosting it on my photobucket account and soon will be all over people's lj's! MWHAHA!
Any last words?: ...can i list some lyrics here? okay, cool.... "I'm trying hard to forget that cold October day, when love challenged freedom to a fist fight. Freedom looked victorious but no one was prepared for what would happen on the baseball diamond when love reached beneath her plaid jumper, and pulled out a switch blade and drove it...directly through the heard of St. angelis. Any notion of self-government was left bleeding on the pitchers mound. So you say you're scaring me, and you won't be there to watch me die." --Alexisonfire

and since i don't know how to make a fancy link that leads to my actual app, i'm just going to post it....weee
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